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Bloombeaver's audit feature provides in-depth website analysis, helping you understand how to improve client offerings.

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Audit insight

The right tool for the right job

Delivering top-notch services to your clients begins with a deep understanding of their needs and the strengths and weaknesses of their websites. It can be laborious to manually go through pages and entire websites to identify areas for improvement. That's where Bloombeaver comes in.

Bloombeaver empowers you with a valuable tool: website audits. Our audit feature gives you the insights you need to understand your clients' websites inside out.

Client insights delivered at your doorstep

Are you trying to find the right clients for your business or just looking to provide better services to your existing clients? Our audit feature provides you with a comprehensive analysis of your clients' websites. This report delves into various aspects, including SEO, user experience, and overall site performance.

Make the best possible decisions

Our audit feature gives you the insights you need to make informed decisions. Utilize this information to identify clients to whom you can provide the most value. Selecting the clients you can best serve will help you build a strong portfolio and lead to more referrals.

Enhance your services

The goal is to empower you with the insights you need to impress your clients and drive service enhancements. By addressing weaknesses and optimizing strengths, you can position yourself as a reliable, proactive partner.

Keep up with the changes

Website audits in Bloombeaver can be scheduled to run automatically. This means that you can keep track of your clients' websites, stay on top of any changes that may occur and see how you have improved their scores over time.

Better decisions, happier clients

Ready to take your client services to the next level? Try Bloombeaver's audit feature today and start providing more value to your clients.