Bloombeaver is still in beta, so you can start using it for free today. We will introduce paid credits in the future, but we are commited to always have a plan that grants anyone free credits.

Starter plan icon Starter
$0 /month

Get started for free and accept invites to organizations.

  • 100 credits included
  • 1 user
  • 1 organization
  • 100 clients
  • Emails and proposals branded by Bloombeaver
Growth plan icon Growth
$19.90 /month

All your client management needs in one place.

  • 500 credits included
  • 10 users
  • Unlimited organizations
  • Unlimited clients
  • Bloombeaver branding removed from emails and proposals
Enterprise plan icon Enterprise
$399.90 /month

Enterprise users get their own database instance and dedicated channels of communication. Schedule a call and let us tailor our services to your custom needs.

How do credits work?

You can use the platform for free with a credit grant that renews each month. Once you run out of credits, but want to continue the work immediately, you can upgrade your plan and get more credits.

Over the grants of your pricing plan, additional usage costs

$0.015 per credit

Credit table

Name Credits Price
Email sending 1 per request $0.015 per request
Page auditing 2 per request $0.03 per request
Email composing with AI 3 per request $0.045 per request
Proposal creation 3 per request $0.045 per request
Client search 5 per request $0.075 per request
Team member 150 per month $2.25 per month

Price calculator

Bloombeaver is a firm advocate of transparency and we believe in enabling users to make informed decisions. We want you to get a better understanding of our pricing, so we have created a calculator to help you estimate your monthly costs.

Sent emails 10
Audited pages 10
AI email suggestions 10
Created proposals 5
Client searches 5
Team size 1
Recommended plan
100 credits included
  • Total monthly credits 100
  • Pricing plan monthly cost $0.00
  • Total monthly cost $0.00